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How Do I Volunteer?

For those who want to volunteer we have an application form for you to copy and paste at the bottom of this page, other quick and easy ways for you to help would be to:


1st. We need charity status and for that we need YOU!

I will be setting up a charity bank account soon where you will be able to donate online on this website and i will be looking for volunteers to organise fundraising, as well as organising it myself in my own hometown.


2nd. It only takes a matter of minutes...

...but you could email some friends sending them our website, you have our permission to use any of our 2 logo's when sharing our site.

We also have a virtual business card image on our contact us page that would be even better to use to share with others!

Those who use social networking sites can also use the pictures tagging friends (comment should be our site link) or even sharing the link and image via messages or profile pages (depending on which site you are on).

Remember: spread the word and help a sufferer! People are suffering with SPD in silence worldwide, we need to let them know we exist and for that WE NEED YOU! Thank you to ALL those who are spreading the word and Thank You in advance to those who will. We appreciate it, and so do the sufferers who are emailing us, we received our first bunch of emails within hours of this website going online, and they are still coming in, as long as they are, we are helping people!

Applicants for volunteer and trustee positions:


Please send the following questions filled out to:



Please note: We have additional meetings with cavos but at this time they are not mandatory for trustees, solely for Founder and Director, Mrs. Sarah Dightam.



Required information via email or post.

POST: Please request corresponding postal address by calling 07721656764 on Mondays OR Fridays, 11am-4pm.

Suggestive advice line open from 10am-5pm on same days.



(The following information is mandatory whether the applicant is known by us or not.)



*If question is starred, it is mandatory.

(if you do not have a landline, please state in answer so question has been answered, however you must have atleast one mobile or telephone number you can put down so we can contact you.)



*Full name:


*Marital Status:


*Date of birth:


*Address and postcode incl town and county:


 Phone numbers:






*Do you have SPD?


*(only if answered yes to previous question)

When did it occur, date occured mm/yy and if pregnant please state in weeks.


*Other conditions:


*All aids you use: e.g crutches...


*How many children do you have?


*Which child (if during pregnancy) did you develop SPD?


*What interest do you have in the charity your applying for?


*What, in your own words, does this charity do?


*Why do you want to be a volunteer or trustee for support pelvic dysfunction?


 Email address:


*Do you work?


*If you work how many hours a week?


*What qualifications do you have?


*What work experience do you have?


*Have you completed any 1st aid courses, if so when, where and what was issued?


*Have you completed the workbook for Vulnerable adults, if so when and where?


*(This question only for trustee applicants)

 Can you attend 3 mandatory meetings a year?


*What other time (excluding meetings) can you offer the charity?



Volunteers will be welcome to join in meetings if they wish at a later date.

3 meetings a year is mandatory for all trustees, however there may be additional meetings called to discuss important matters as they arise.


This is a start up charity, but will at all times be professionally run.



Thank you for your application and interest.



This is info i need from all people interested in volunteering or becoming a trustee.



Kind Regards,


Support Pelvic Dysfunction