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What Do We Do?


We are a charity supporting sufferers of SPD, PGP, other pelvic and pregnancy related conditions.

1 in 4* women develop SPD, 20% of which can have it severely, usually down to underlying conditions.

IT is very IMPORTANT that SPD is recognised early, this way it can be better managed.

WHAT TO DO If you think you could have SPD : make an appointment with your GP or consultant to be referred to a physio that specialises in women's health and/or during pregnancy.

We are here to raise awareness and offer support in many ways to those who suffer, including those with disabilities, and / or disabled by SPD alone.

SPD occurs in athletes and/or pregnant women. Usually occuring in the 3rd trimester and reducing mobility as well as self-esteem, being pregnant is hard enough without having your mobility reduced. Some use crutches, others have to use wheelchairs and I am afraid to say it doesn't always go away!

When it does go, it can come back! Yep! Smear tests and things like sexual intercourse can bring the return of painful SPD and because its not a visual condition, many are not diagnosed!

We aim to be a charity that can guide you through a safe and healthy pregnancy, raise awareness so professionals start to take us more seriously and we are aiming to be able to offer grants to a certain amount of women annually that will allow them to have some manual therapy sessions locally to them.

Members will be able to access that application facility once we get sorted.

We are always looking for volunteers and those who are interested in becoming trustees for the charity. There is an application form for you to fill in, so please contact us for more information at help@supportpelvicdysfunction.co.uk 
Thank you.

*Reference: 2009 NHS book given to all 1st time mothers.

How we Help:

We can offer one on one suggestive advice, support you as well as provide you with additional information about SPD and other conditions, we can give you access to professional documents online that you can read to help yourself and / or use to show a Dr. that you are under. We can even write letters outlining how we feel you can progress onto the next stage of help and how a Dr. can help you do so, these letters are for you to show your Dr's.

We offer this via email.

We also provide phone support to mobile and landline numbers, counselling, help with benefits and all other SPD affiliated issues.

Just email or telephone us, see if we CAN help you with other things too.